Communicate in seconds

Whether you need to communicate with everyone, or just those with a need to know, our notification system helps you share timely information with your people, now.

Send Alerts

From simple reminders to emergency alerts, use REACH Alert to keep your people informed about the topics that matter most to them. 

Communicate with anyone in the United States. Send alerts as text messages, voice calls, emails, or all of the above simultaneously.

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Thank you! My families love the system!
— Christy, Creative Kids Academy
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Customize Your Network

Every network comes fully equipped with features to help you communicate with your people more quickly and effectively than ever before.

Add users, create groups, schedule alerts, and more. We provide the tools you need to communicate with your people, all year-around. 

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Personalized User Accounts

Communicate with your people on their terms.

Your people choose how they receive your alerts as users in your Network. Users can sign-up multiple devices, and have the choice of three modes - text message, voice call, or email.

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I am so thankful for Reach Alert. It’s a wonderful service and we have utilized it more than I thought we would. It is very comforting to know we are able to get important time-sensitive information to our parents with one text. So glad this is available for our parents.

— Debbie, Christian Fellowship School

Available on Multiple Devices

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Reach Alert is so fast and convenient. I don’t have to remember any phone numbers or ID numbers. I can send to as few or as many people as we need to at the time. Reach Alert sets it all up for us.
— Ann, President