Frequently Asked Questions


What is Reach Alert?

Reach Alert is a notification system that allows you to send voice, text, and/or emails to everyone in your organization, or with specific users within your organization.


What equipment do I need to run Reach Alert?

All you need is your computer or phone, and an internet connection.  We maintain all of the hardware and software.


What if I need to send an alert while I’m away from my computer?

No problem.  We have a slick text message based notification system set up so you don’t even need a fancy-schmancy smart phone to send an alert. (We’re also working on mobile and iPhone versions)


How quickly can Reach Alert send group messages?

Our notification system makes use of cutting edge technology capable of “growing” itself to meet demand, and can literally send thousands of messages per second to ensure that everyone receives your alert as soon as you send it.


What if my contact information changes?

Just log into your account and change your phone number, emails, and address. It is updated everywhere in our notification system, automatically.


How can I opt out?

You can log into your account and modify how and which alerts you receive. You can also unsubscribe at anytime using links provided at the end of our email alerts.


What if I panic and forget how to send an emergency alert?

You will have a 24 hour emergency telephone number linking you directly to our engineers.  They can walk you through any issues you may have.

That was easy! Thank you!
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