REACH Alert was created in 2007 after the Virginia Tech Massacre


Each year, more than 96% of our clients renew with us


We have grown to more than 99,000 total users


Our mission is to help managers, directors, and administrators communicate with everyone in their organization seamlessly. From speed to the simplicity of our system’s interface, we make mass communication easy for people of all skill.

Our Story

The catalyst for REACH Alert came as a result of the Virginia Tech massacre and the need for schools to have an emergency communication system accessible to them at all times. After Virginia Tech, we knew that schools needed a way to communicate during emergencies, so we did our research to see what products were already in the market. What we found was that there were notification services available, but they were all cumbersome, difficult to learn, and bundled with other unnecessary software.

We knew that we could do better.

In 2007, we developed our notification service with the goal of creating a communication system that was easy to use, intuitive, and user-friendly.

Today, we service clients in many industries and have clients that use our notification service for nearly any situation, including emergencies and more routine situations. We have found our clients appreciate the simplicity of our system, and our timely and professional customer service. Our notification service is continually growing. We use feedback from our customers and users to know what matters to you so that we can continue to implement new features and modifications that make your life easier.

I can’t believe how simple this is to use to help us stay in touch with our parents and staff.
— Bridget, Director