How it Works

1. Something happens

Maybe it’s an emergency like a bad winter storm, or a more routine situation, like a reminder that report cards go out tomorrow. Either way, REACH Alert is ready to notify everyone.

2. Login to your account

Login at using the email address or phone number subscribed to your account.

3. Click on "CREATE an Alert"

Upon logging in, you'll be redirected to your Dashboard page. Here, you can send alerts or modify your network.

To send your alert, click on the "Create an Alert" button.

Create an Alert.PNG

4. Send your alert

On the "CREATE ALERT" page, choose your audience, when your alert will send, and what your alert will say. When you're satisfied with your notification, click on the red button, "SEND ALERT," at the bottom of the screen.

5. Everyone receives your alert

Within seconds, your entire audience will receive your alert by text, voice, and/or email based on the devices they subscribe to their user account.

The best part? This entire process can take just seconds to complete, meaning you can go from 'emergency' to "Alert sent!" in 60 seconds or less.

REACH Alert has been instrumental in helping us to stay in close touch with our faculty, parents, and employees. We have only had good experiences working with REACH Alert!
— Joyce, Technology Director