Introducing our new website at REACH Alert!

Reach Alert has recently upgraded our website and notification service to provide a better experience for users and administrators. With the rollout of our new website, you will notice more in-depth information and a more streamlined registration and login process.



To login to your account, follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Select "LOGIN" at the top right of the page, OR select "MY ACCOUNT" and then select, "LOGIN TO ACCOUNT."
  3. On the new page, type in the email address/phone number associated with your account, your password, and click on "Login."

New users will login by selecting "MY ACCOUNT" on the home page, then "CREATE ACCOUNT," and follow the prompts.

If you need assistance with this new process, please send us an email at or call us directly at (877) 307-9313. 



We are often asked the best way to get residents, employees, or other users to register for REACH Alert.  The best answer is to try several different avenues and to repeat your appeal over several months. Successful cities and organizations have told us they followed a multifaceted approach.  Here are some of their suggestions:

  • Contact the local newspaper and have a story written that highlights the services and types of alerts that will be sent by your organization. Common alerts sent, include:
    • Broken water lines/boil water advisories
    • Severe weather, flooding, snow advisories
    • Road closures due to construction or traffic accidents
    • Power outages and estimated restoration times
    • AMBER/silver alerts
    • Suspicious persons/vehicles
    • Neighborhood Watch alerts
    • Scam notifications
    • Hazmat situations
  • Contact local radio stations for an in-depth interview about the need to register.
  • Post the letter provided by REACH Alert for residents to see. (Contact us at if you need a copy.)
  • Send brief information in water, gas, electric, and tax bills with registration information.
  • Speak to local clergy and ask them to spread the word in their churches.
  • Post the information and registration link on your website.
  • Register residents as they come to pay their bill.
  • Encourage residents to call us at (877) 307-9313 so we can complete registration for them.



Registration for REACH Alert takes about 1 minute to complete.  To register, follow these steps:

  1. Go to and select "MY ACCOUNT."
  2. On the new page, select "CREATE ACCOUNT."
  3. Follow the prompts to enter your contact information.
  4. To receive text alerts, enter your cell phone number when adding your contact information. We will immediately send a 4-digit validation code.  Simply enter the code when prompted and click VALIDATE.


We can complete the registration process for you in about 1 minute.



 Finally, we want to share some of the more interesting alerts that have been sent via REACH Alert.  While not disclosing the client, we have copied the alerts:

  • Be on the lookout!  Bears spotted in the vicinity of XXXXXX.
  • Mudslide has closed XXXXX, please use alternate route until further notice.
  • Trash pickup will be delayed for one day as crew is currently repairing water line break in XXXXXX.
  • CSX has postponed repair of railroad crossing – AGAIN!!  Disregard signs.  We will provide notification within 12 hours of actual crossing closing.  Arrrhggg!!
  • Train has stopped again and is blocking the crossing at XXXXX.  Please use alternate route for at least the next 20 minutes.
  • The 4th of July parade has been postponed until 2:00 to allow the rain to move through.  See you on XXXXX Street.
  • The XXXXX oil refinery will have fire, police, and emergency medical personnel at the plant tomorrow at 10:00AM.  This is only a training exercise, not a real emergency.  Please do not call 911!
  • Suspicious vehicle with license plate number XXXXXX seen casing the neighborhood.  Call police if spotted.
  • Disregard previous alert, mayor’s son is home from college and just driving throughout the city.  Our apologies!
  • Local blood drive at the XXXXX Church.  Don’t make us come looking for you!
  • Black lab puppy found near XXXXX.  About 20 pounds.  Claim quick before daughter adopts the critter!
  • Don’t forget picnic and concert in XXXX Park.  Bring a chair and leave the beer at home!

While Reach Alert was designed to be an emergency alert service, clearly, clients have seen the need to share other timely, though perhaps less critical information as well.  We encourage our clients not to overwhelm their constituents, but to share important information whenever the situation arises.



We will be providing updates on our website anytime we make a change or have important information to share with our administrators. If you have immediate concerns, please contact our customer service team at or (877) 307-9313